Wage Garnishment

Settling your debt with the IRS is not a gentle process, and your employer is powerless to assist you. Once they receive a notice of IRS wage garnishment, your employer is legally obligated to send a percentage of your earnings directly to the IRS, even if that leaves you unable to pay your bills. Until your debt and all the acquired penalties and interest have been paid, the IRS will continue to garnish your wages.

The IRS adheres to strict guidelines when imposing and releasing a wage garnishment. If you qualify under conditions that the IRS considers “economic hardship” then wage garnishment can be stopped.

Our team of experts can help you arrange a payment plan with the IRS that will better benefit you and your finances. If the IRS is already garnishing your wages, we can assist in negotiating the release of the wage garnishment and arrange for a more suitable payment plan. This will allow you to receive the full benefit of your income while working to settle your debt with the IRS.

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