Tax Planning

Do you want to reduce your yearly tax burden and liability? At Bilsky Financial Group, our team is dedicated to staying up to date with new tax laws, codes, and changes that may affect your tax returns throughout the year.

Tax planning is the key to valuable tax savings. We will help you create a plan that will increase your income by implementing tax savings strategies that will benefit you throughout the year. We help our clients look for ways to minimize their tax burden and pay the lowest amount of taxes currently allowable by law.

With the right tax planning strategies, you can:

  • Move to a lower tax bracket by splitting your income between family members or legal entities.
  • Shift income and expenses to different years to take advantage of lower tax rates.
  • Reduce tax liability through certain types of investment options, on both a state and federal level.
  • Increase your tax deductions by purchasing items that you enjoy.

These tax planning strategies can help you:

  • Benefit from the growth and savings of your assets by keeping them out of the governments’ hands.
  • Reduce taxes on investments to increase your income more efficiently.
  • Keep more of what you make by reducing the taxes placed on your income.
  • Defer your income to keep more of your money now and pay your taxes later.
  • Plan for estate taxes so your family can keep more of what you make.
  • Give money while reducing your taxes to maximize your giving potential.
  • Plan for retirement and increase future income, with fewer taxes paid to the IRS.

Become a client today and experience tax planning services that reduce your tax burden, save you time, and give you peace of mind. Many of our clients make back the money spent on our services through the reduced tax liability they experience as part of our tax planning and proprietary tax savings strategies.

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