IRS Levies

If you are in debt to the IRS, they may choose to settle your debt by levying your property. This means that you could wake up one day to your assets being seized, bank accounts emptied, and your wages being garnished. When the IRS Levies your property, there is no “affordable payment plan” because they have one goal in mind – acquiring the money owed to them quickly and completely.

If you are avoiding communication with the IRS, then an IRS tax levy may be in your future. Once the IRS levies your property, they may begin to sell your belongings and assets at an auction to acquire the money that is owed to them. Once wage garnishments begin, the IRS will continue to take money directly from your paycheck with no regard to whether you have enough left over to pay your bills. They will continue to garnish your wages until your debt is paid in full.

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