Internal Business Systems

Our team can help you improve your business by providing an objective review of your internal business systems, determining the efficiency and effectiveness of your operating procedures.

Ways we can correct your internal business systems:

  • Segregate job duties to reduce the risk of error or inappropriate action. This process ensures that no single individual has control over all aspects of any single financial transaction.
  • Ensuring that all transactions are handled by a delegate with the approved authority.
  • Implementing systems that require all transactions to be reviewed and reconciled by someone other than the individual who handled the transaction.
  • Assure the physical safety of all equipment, and introduce regular counts to compare equipment, cash, inventory, and other property to what is on record to ensure consistency.
  • Implementing adequate job training for all employees. This is to ensure they have the knowledge and resources to properly carry out their job duties, are provided with appropriate supervision, and are aware of the available channels for reporting potential issues.
  • Creating documentation of all policies and procedures that are accessible to your employees and available for guidance and training. This will help to address employee turnover or prolonged employee absence.
  • Regular review of business operations to ensure results are consistent with the objectives and goals you have for your company.

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