QuickBooks Setup

QuickBooks is an easy-to-use and flexible software program, making it the perfect solution for many businesses. While you could set up your own QuickBooks software, many of our clients have enjoyed the benefits of having a professional set up their system.

Our experience gives us the insight to assess your current bookkeeping system, and evaluate your future bookkeeping needs. This allows us to customize your QuickBooks program to fit the unique and specific needs of your company, right from the start. This process will save you time and money, as we will help you determine the chart of accounts you will need, and how to properly enter beginning balances. We will also provide QuickBooks software training to increase efficiency and reduce the learning curve that often accompanies the use of a new bookkeeping system.

What to expect when you hire our team to set up your QuickBooks bookkeeping system:

  • Review your current bookkeeping system and evaluate the needs of your business, including the setup and layout of your QuickBooks system.
  • Determine your best start date, and load balances from that date, including outstanding accounts receivable and outstanding accounts payable.
  • Prepare a list of services, inventory items, non-inventory items, additional charges, and sales tax that you may bill to your customers.
  • Train you or a member of your team in the use of your new QuickBooks system to meet all your bookkeeping and financial management needs.
  • Follow up training to ensure the seamless functionality of your new QuickBooks system.
  • Monthly, quarterly, or annual data analysis to ensure adequate tax preparation, and management reports to help you build your business.

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