Payroll Services

The IRS implements strict laws when it comes to payroll taxes, and there are serious fines and penalties for individuals and companies who don’t comply. If you’re a small business owner who processes your own payroll or hires an employee dedicated to payroll processing, you could be losing a minimum of twelve business days every year, when you could be dedicating that time to generating new business.

Our payroll services are available to our bookkeeping clients and are cost-effective, saving you the time and money needed to efficiently run your company and focus on improving the products or services you offer. Our team stays up to date with the ever-changing federal and state tax laws to ensure we reduce your tax liability as much as possible.

We understand that every business is unique, and you may not require the same level of service as your neighbor. That’s why we offer two different levels of payroll service.

  • Payroll Processing
    • Scheduled direct deposits
    • New-hire tax form filing and processing.
    • Employee sick day, personal day, and vacation accruals.
    • Calculate state and federal tax deposits
  • Post-Payroll Reporting Services
    • Problem-free maintenance and reporting on your data records once they have been transferred into our system.
    • IRS and state tax reporting, and EFTPS tax deposits.
    • Quarterly, and annual payroll tax reports including W2, W3, and 1099 tax forms.

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