CFO Services

Do you feel that your business could benefit from the services of a CFO (Chief Financial Officer), but you aren’t quite ready to pay a hefty salary? Our team offers the benefits of a CFO at a much lower rate. Our part-time CFO services provide valuable financial guidance at a fraction of the cost, creating the perfect transition for this stage of your company’s growth.

With our part-time CFO services, you can expect:

  • Peace of mind, knowing you have an expert on your side, overseeing and protecting your company’s finances.
  • More time to focus on growth, developing new services, increasing your customer base, and dealing with other core business issues.
  • Increased understanding of your company’s finances, empowering you to manage the numbers, and get the best benefits for your business.
  • Expert advice to help guide you through difficult business decisions and create an improved business plan.
  • Specialized training and management of your bookkeeping staff, saving you time and money.
  • Enhanced budget preparation and monitoring.
  • Profit analysis of the products and services offered by your business.
  • Tips and strategies for tax savings.
  • Assistance in developing and prioritizing long-term business goals.
  • Better cash management.
  • A member of your team that is dedicated to interacting with attorneys, bankers, vendors, etc.
  • An expert to review and negotiate everything from insurance policies to financing options and rates.
  • Development of bookkeeping procedures.
  • Implementation of collection policies and procedures.
  • Analysis of equipment purchases, business expansion, mergers, acquisitions, and more.

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