Bookkeeping Services

Most small business owners spend too much of their valuable time on attempting to manage their finances and stay on top of their bookkeeping when their time could be better spent on the services their business offers, or customer relations.

Successful small business owners know that more focus means more profit. Leave the tedious, time-consuming task of bookkeeping to the professionals, and save your time and money.

Depending on the size of your business and your specific needs, we will handle the following bookkeeping services monthly or quarterly:

  • Bank Reconciliation
    • Identify lost checks, lost deposits, or unauthorized wire transfers.
    • Detect and prevent embezzlement from within your business.
    • Track business growth and effectively manage cash flow.
    • Protect your business from bank errors, fraudulent checks, and other financial crimes.
  • Income Statements
    • Regular profit/loss statements that will help you track your company’s operating costs.
    • Determine which areas of your business are over or under budget and identify areas that need attention to increase your profit.
    • Track any increase in product sales or returns as a percentage of your sales.
    • Determine your current tax liability.
  • Balance Sheets
    • Analyze the financial health of your business at any point in time.
    • Identify and analyze trends in accounts receivables and payables and act to keep those trends going in a direction that benefits your business.
    • Keep a record of your balance sheets and income statements, which are critical pieces of information for reporting to potential lenders and investors.
  • General Ledger Management
    • Set up a general ledger system, or identify any issues with your current ledger system, enabling you to eliminate any discrepancies and maintain accurate business records.
  • Unlimited Consultations
    • You will receive unlimited consultations with our expert team on an as-needed basis. Our focus is to help you grow your business and meet your financial goals.

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